New Addiction Tattoo Emporium

Billy the Tatman Is one of the North-West's leading tattoo artists and has been in the industry over 20  years His work has become highly recognised and has tattooed many famous people and celebrities including a variety of rugby league players for many teams ..... He is totally dedicated to the art form of tattooing and has the loyal support and help from his wife Louise. 


 Loo Tatt  as she is better known ,manages the state of the art studio and all appointment and consultation bookings to the highest standards possible.As she was once a team player in a worldwide organisation ,she has the knowledge and resources to do this to the maximum capacity possible.

Each piece is painstakingly designed using totally unique ideas with an imaginative interpretation by both Billy and Louise who both have a totally different way of expressing their creative talents,also she is a REIKI MASTER TEACHER

Every tattoo he creates is a materpiece and is totally unique in design,as nearly all the work we do here at New Addiction is commissioned for the indervidual.

Business is mostly from high recommendation and excellent reputation this being due to the exceptional work he has produced and the high standards maintained all through his career  

All work is undertaken mostly concentrating on freehand

This is one of Billy's particular favourites

Also comissioning pieces of portraiture rendering and many many different styles and ideas .. 

Cover-ups a speciality as more and more are seeing good and bad work these days

All types of work undertaken ...if we can't do it  then nobody can....that’s our promise

This is why perfection is a major factor in what we do and how well we do it !!

Every tattoo Billy creates is a masterpiece and totally unique in design.

We can create whatever you want then apply it where ever you may want it ...

Remember cheap tattoos are not good .....and good tattoos are not cheap....

The North West Leading Tattoo Artist

Here at New Addiction