New Addiction Tattoo Emporium


If you feel your question hasn't been answered within the list below  

Please feel free to email us and we will be happy to assist.

1 Q.Can i bring my deposit for my consultation in with me on the day ?

A. No as this would be a pointless exercise as your deposit for your consultation secures our time booked out in the event you may not attend .

This leaves us sat waiting not knowing if you are attending or not .

We are really busy and have many things to do and many many people to see.

2. Q. Will you draw a design for me before i book in ?

 A 2.  No as time is taken up by those booked in and secured by paying their deposits prior to receiving proofs ....YOU MUST BE BOOKED IN AND HAVE PAID YOUR DEPOSIT PRIOR

3. Q.Do you have any awards from tattoo conventions ?

A. The only awards and trophies i will ever need in this life and any other after ,i already have !!!

That is the work worn  already and appreciated by my many many valued and loyal clients .

My work work stands for itself as i am a tattoo artist who lives to Ink not Inks to Live .......

Its my passion !!!